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One Day with Blakinger

Keri Blakinger was an A+ student at Cornell University with Olympic ambitions for figure skating. In December 2010, her senior year, she was arrested in a hotel parking lot with six uncut ounces of heroin that she was holding in plastic tupperware. Described as a "drug queen-pin" by the police, her arrest marks one of the largest drug busts in Tompkins County history.

These ten photographs are a speculative recreation of a day in Keri's life before her arrest, emphasizing feelings of disconnect and loneliness.
Keri Blakinger is portrayed by actress Oliva Lurrie.

All pictures were taken on large format, 4x5 film in Ithaca, NY.
Kodak Portra 400 - Horseman 45HD

Today, Keri Blakinger is a criminal justice reporter for the Houston Chronicle.
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